Welcome to IELTS Bangkok!

At IELTS Bangkok we provide private tutoring for the IELTS exam to ensure that you can get the band you need in the shortest time.

Who are we?

We are two experienced IELTS tutors and we have been teaching Thai students and other nationalities living in Bangkok for over 10 years.

Why study with us?


We have helped hundreds of students through our work at schools, universities and private classes to successfully pass the IELTS test, and to achieve the score they need to help them study or work abroad.

Quick Results:

If you study in groups of 10 or 12 students, the instructor has limited time to focus on your individual needs. However, if you study privately with us, we can devote all our time and energy on establishing your specific problem areas.

We can then work to help you improve in these areas and work towards achieving your goal in IELTS.

You will achieve results quicker if you study on your own with an experienced IELTS tutor or with a very small number of people.

What courses do we provide?

We provide a number of courses to suit you according to your level.

We have an Introductory Course for those who are new to IELTS, a Further Training Course for those who are may be at a higher level and have knowledge and previous practice with the test, and we can also arrange a special course to suit your particular needs if you wish to focus on one or two skills.

More specific details of the courses are provided by following the ‘courses‘ tab at the top of this page.

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